Charter League Athletics
Legacy competes in the Charter Athletic League. In order for your child to participate, we must have
all of the required forms completed and on file. The forms are:

  Application for Athletic Participation – please make sure all sections are thoroughly completed
with appropriate signatures.

 Sports physical – students are required to have a sports physical on file. (Students that
participate in AAU or other programs that require sports physicals, may submit this form in place of
the FHSAA form.)

   Medical release form – this form must be notarized. If you are not able to locate a notary, the fee
is $5.00 to have the form notarized at the school.

  Concussion in Sports Video - it is recommended that all students that wish to participate in
sports watch this video.

5.        ALL STUDENTS MUST SHOW proof of insurance coverage or purchase student accident
insurance which will provide minimal medical reimbursement. The School is NOT responsible for
accidental interscholastic athletic injuries. Students must show proof of insurance.  

Transportation is provided to students to all games. Parents will be required to pick students up from
the game location.

Schedules for each particular sport will be provided prior to the beginning of the season.

Students will be required to stay after school for practice.

Please call the school if you have any questions or concerns.